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Spring cleaning in the autumn

I always thought I was messy but maybe it has to do with Autism, just been bagging about 30 kilo of old newspapers, my back hurts but my toilet is getting cleaned.
Doing household chores is just one of the things I might need help with. It feels a bit weird to admit I need help with these things, almost as if I'm being betrayed by autism. But if it helps getting my life better organised it will be a positive thing.

I guess that this will probably be one of the biggest changes/challenges that the spectrum will bring me

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  1. I don't think that it is a weird thing to admit! When my oldest has to do things like cleaning up his toys...he can get overwhelmed very easily. What I do is get very specific with him..i.e.-first pick up anything that is red....when that is done we move to the next color or thing. I break each job down into the smallest amount of pieces-this way he is not so overwhelmed.