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I am Spoof

2 video's I found spoofing Autism Speaks

Word Cloud

I passed the 30 post mark a few days ago so I made a word cloud of my profile welcom text.

Wordle: autisitic quality

I also made one of this earlier post.

Wordle: Jenny is evil



Kids With Autism Need Handwriting Help

This is me, just look at my Drogs to see what I mean. The reason why I write like that is that my proper connected writing is impossible to read. Even I sometimes can't read it.
As a kid I had a lot of trouble with fine motor functions, doing a head role and standing on one leg took me about a year of extra gym lessons to learn. Lucky I went to a small school and had some teachers who were willing to sacrifice some of their breaks to help me with this.


Sticker Collages

Here are some Sticker Collages I recently made.

Guardian Demon
All those people who claim to do good but only cause damage

Empowerment/emancipation can be fun.


Means nothing, just a fun image.

Drog 5 - The Box

One little request, I'm a bit dyslectic so please forgive the spelling and grammar mistakes


Rant: Your Logic is SO Faulty!

Great post at FWD/Forward. Rant: Your Logic is SO Faulty!
FWD is my favourite feminist blog.


Global warming

Today is Blog Action Day and the subject is Climate Change so let's talk about it.

But immediately There is a little problem, even as a kid I always wanted to know the why and what on any giving subject, if a teacher at school said something I wanted proof. Some teachers liked this, some hated it. This might be a symptom of autism (a really cool one) or maybe I'm just a smart ass.

And with global warming there is evidence that it is happening and that humans are involved in it. But we just don't know how, when somebody says that the Netherlands will flood in 50 years he is really saying that the worst case scenario is that we will drown over here, not that it will definitely happen (the chances for these worst case scenarios are very small). Saying that everything is allright and that there is nothing going on is on the other hand just lying and stupid.

So on one side of the debate people are exaggerating and the other side is lying, so what now. We could try to read the research and make up our own mind but to be honest the science involved is way beyond my understanding. So from now on we enter the realm of my personal interpretation and opinion, feel free to disagree.
The climate is changing and we are partially to blame but the climate is always changing and it doesn't always make sense ,apparently there was a miniature ice age a few hundred years ago which provided some spectacular winters over here, you can see paintings of this on a lot of Dutch Christmas cards.
I don't believe that the climate will change dramatically within the next ten years or that it is to late. Should we do something about this, yes but we should be reasonable about it and make sure that what we do actually helps and that it is not something we do to make us feel better. This might sound cynical but green has become one of the biggest marketing tools of the last few years.

For example, here in the Netherlands there is this hype for green electricity, pay a bit more and a certain amount of your electricity will be generated by the sun and the wind. Sounds great but how will they do that, my power comes trough the same wire as that of my neighbour so we get the same amount of green power but my neighbour pays more so he can feel good about doing something for the planet.

There are loads of these examples, flying around the world and buying a piece of rainforest to feel good, the trees need about 40 years to undo your damage and sometimes the trees don't exist, or are sold several times or cut down for economical reasons.

Hybrid cars are just as good/bad as a good diesel car, on a simular note ethanol isn't the answer to.

A lot of these easy but sometimes expensive solutions are a marketing trick to sell to you the feeling of doing something good. Global warming is a serous and complex issue, it can not be solved by one liners in adds.

I don't have all the answers but I will keep looking for them and in the meantime I will do the little things like using environment friendly light bulbs, don't keep the heater on all day, reuse my plastic bottles and just generally be sensible about this.

Global Warming
Ethanol in Cars



Is the puzzel ribbon really the best symbol for autism?

The ribbon links it with deceases like AIDS and Breast Cancer which are important causes but autism is different, it's not a decease (even though the anti vaccination lobby tries to convince people it is).

The puzzle piece as a symbol for Neurodiversity is a nice idea but it's meaning got lost when people started using it who are not in favour of Neurodiversity (Autism Speak just to name one).

It's also a very ordinary looking logo and with so much talent within the spectrum we must be able to come up with something better.

But to be honest I don't have any idea right now.

PS. I'm posting a poll in my sidebar about this.


Jenny McC has a small P

I don't like Jenny McCarty.
As an actress/presenter/comedienne (I've never been really sure what she is), I always found her very annoying but as a fake autism expert/activist I really hate her.

Why not let her say what she wants to say, how about free speech? The reason is that some of the things she says are very harmful and even dangerous.

So I'm going to say some nasty things about het but for legal reasons I'm going to start with the claim that she has a very small penis.
  • The claim that Autism can be cured.
    • This is just not true.
    • It hinders proper autism research.
    • The claim that autism is a disease, that there is something wrong with me is in my opinion racist.
  • The claim that vaccination causes autism.
    • Once again not true and it also gets in the way of research.
    • It makes the vaccination rates drop to a dangerous level.
  • The claim that there are no adults with autism.
    • I'm 34 and I have autism so Fuck You.

She tells people based on some weird paranoia idea not to vaccinate their kids, she tells people to withhold their kids a basic medical treatment. This is a form of neglect.
As far as I am concerned this is a form of passive child abuse.

Maybe all of this is a bit harsh but she is one of the people who yells that a generation of kids is being stolen and that the government is poisoning babies so as far as I'm concerned the gloves are off.

Thank you for letting me rant.



Found this link to a magazine article at Turner and Kowalski's blog.

It's an article about autism treathment from 1965 and it describes therapist screaming at autistic kids, hitting them and the aplication of Shock Therapy.

This is torture. This is a direct violation of the Universal decloration of Human Rights, article 5 - No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The realy sad part is that these kinds of things still hapen at places like this.

Not only is this totally useless, but this is really harmfull.

This leaves me sick and really pissed off.