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Drog 2 - Indigo Rain

Some parents decided that their kids are really special, not the “my kid is the cutest” special but “my kid is the next step in evolution” special.
We call these parents idiots and the kids Indigo Kids. Some of these kids are just normal kids and the most harm they will ever encounter is a deep sense of shame toward their parents(this is something most kids encounter).
On the other hand there are also indigo kids who are not indigo but have real issues like ADHD and autism.
In these cases the indigo label can do harm because most indigo parents have a mistrust of mainstream medicine. They take their kids off proper medication and therapies and are an easy prey for quacks.

One little request, I'm a bit dyslectic so please forgive the spelling and grammar mistakes.

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  1. I followed over from Kwombles blog..
    love the cartoon-really made me laugh. thanks :)