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Jenny McC has a small P

I don't like Jenny McCarty.
As an actress/presenter/comedienne (I've never been really sure what she is), I always found her very annoying but as a fake autism expert/activist I really hate her.

Why not let her say what she wants to say, how about free speech? The reason is that some of the things she says are very harmful and even dangerous.

So I'm going to say some nasty things about het but for legal reasons I'm going to start with the claim that she has a very small penis.
  • The claim that Autism can be cured.
    • This is just not true.
    • It hinders proper autism research.
    • The claim that autism is a disease, that there is something wrong with me is in my opinion racist.
  • The claim that vaccination causes autism.
    • Once again not true and it also gets in the way of research.
    • It makes the vaccination rates drop to a dangerous level.
  • The claim that there are no adults with autism.
    • I'm 34 and I have autism so Fuck You.

She tells people based on some weird paranoia idea not to vaccinate their kids, she tells people to withhold their kids a basic medical treatment. This is a form of neglect.
As far as I am concerned this is a form of passive child abuse.

Maybe all of this is a bit harsh but she is one of the people who yells that a generation of kids is being stolen and that the government is poisoning babies so as far as I'm concerned the gloves are off.

Thank you for letting me rant.

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  1. Rant away!! She is beyond irresponsible..it astounds me how she holds any credibility whatsoever. I can't stand her.