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Autie Kitty

I sometimes come across the terms Autie and Aspie to describe Autism and Asperger and they just rub me the wrong way. If somebody stands on your feet you have a boo-boo but if somebody hits you with a baseball bat you got a concussion, not a boo-boo. Autism is a serious subject, don't cute it up. Don't Hello Kitty it.

If someone would do this with something like cancer people would be pissed so why do we do this to ourself? The following examples would and should not be accepted.
  • I got a Tummie Wummie in my head.
  • My Hiv Wif is not progressing.
  • I broke my legs when a car went Boom Boom.
  • My bone marrow is a bit Leukedelic.

If we want the rest of the world to take us serious we should start with taking ourself and our condition serous. We are not five year olds (unless you actually are five years old, in that case, go play with your Lego).

Stop with the silly names, its embarrassing.

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  1. I've been out of town for a bit...I have missed your blog! I agree-making a name cute does do damage to the cause.