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48 Hour

last weekend the 48 Hour Film Project visited Utrecht, in the past I have participated but not this year.
In the last two and a half year I have become a fan of the 48HFP, even if I'm not making a film myself, I try to go to the screenings in Amsterdam and Utrecht and sometimes volunteer to help at the screenings.

Yesterday the films made last weekend where shown in Utrecht and Richard Schut (the organiser of 48HFP in the Netherlands) asked me why I didn't enter a team this time, after a few basic answers (no time, busy, broke) I said that I had a strange year, when he asked me what I meant I decided to tell that I was diagnosed with Autism.

This was one of the first times I told anybody about it (I told my direct family and one person at work) and to my pleasant surplice Richard didn't freak out or started to treat me like an imbecile. He asked what it meant to me and how it related to film making. This felt good and it gives me hope that the rest of my coming out will be easier.

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